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Self guided tours for deeper insight into The Faroe Islands

Yes, our mountains are pretty, but is it enough?

Do you also think travelling is a little flat without deeper insight into the people and their lives?

At Tell Me North, we believe that stories enhance mutual understanding. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to offer you a unique experience that combines the convenience of self-guided tours with the captivating storytelling of a knowledgeable guide.

Explore society, culture, and history from knowledgable, local storytellers, while roaming relevant places in the Faroe Islands.

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Bring your own device and download our app directly on the App Store or Google Play store. Tours can be made available offline upon download.

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No internet or smart phone? Our tours are also available offline through in-person purchase in the Faroe Islands.

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If you ask really nicely, exclusive face-to-face guided tours with a local guide are also sometimes available upon request.

Oh, you don't know the Faroe Islands?

How rude of us to not start with a formal introduction. But we’re also not a formal people.

We come from a small archipelago with 18 islands between Iceland, Norway, and Scotland. We are 50,000 people.

Yes, you need to zoom in on the map! Try pressing “+” five times.

We can tell you a lot more through our stories of the Faroe Islands. 

Our tours

The Rebellion in Klaksvík

The true story about a doctor, his hidden past, medical disputes, power struggles, bombs, imprisonments and much, much more happening in the 1950s in this otherwise peaceful, little town.

Understanding Klaksvík

Get a deeper understanding of contemporary Klaksvík, it’s people, and factors which have impacted the local community. Hear about faith, football, fishing hooks and sub-sea tunnels.

Short local insights

This is a complimentary short audioguide. This story offers an insightful introduction to our unique universe, covering two captivating and unique Faroese subjects.

The Rebellion in Klaksvík in the 1950s

Experience this riveting chronicle of fierce battles, arrests, weapons, bombs, bloodhounds, and imprisonments while walking in its setting. 

Understanding Klaksvík

Faith, football, tunnels, and fishing hooks are four essential elements in Faroese culture and are especially important in everyday life Klaksvík, where these subjects will be discussed during coffee breaks at work, at home and in other everyday social contexts.

Short local insights

To assist you in making an informed decision about purchasing our products, we’ve created a complimentary audioguide. This audioguide offers an insightful introduction to our unique universe, covering two captivating subjects.

Our story


Tell Me North focuses on narrating stories to everyone – tourists and locals alike – wishing to deepen their understanding of The Faroe Islands. Our mission is to tell stories to enhance understanding.


The founders are Faroese locals but have a rich background in transitioning into other societies and learning about their deeper layers.

Having lived for 7+ years in China and 3+ years in Iceland, being a tourist has been our everyday life for the past decade. We have eagerly studied these countries and learnt to master their languages while analyzing their rich histories, businesses, and cultural ambiguities through literature.

Explaining and exploring these complexities became our job as we have made series of national radio shows in Faroese on both China and Iceland in the past couple of years. Additionally, we have slow traveled through Asia and Europe for the past 10 years, often visiting friends in obscure countries while applying the same eagerness to understand them.


Our tours aim to reveal the complex social structures in a seemingly very homogeneous society.

The Faroe Islands have a beguiling history with colonial powers such as Norway and Denmark colonizing the islands for the past 1000 years.

Still, the local culture has been left mostly untouched by outsiders for the past millennia often shocking the visiting modern, big-city dweller due to the contrasting cultural elements of modernity, economic growth, internationalism versus cultural traditionalism and a conservative outlook on faith still present in everyday life here.

Through Tell Me North, we now want to introduce stories from The Faroe Islands. These are the stories we wish to hear when we travel, made for travelers by fellow travelers in their local habitat.

Offline self-guided audio tours

Our stories are available on offline audio devices at Visit Norðoy in Klaksvík during opening hours.

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Visit Norðoy Tourist Information Center, Biskupstorg 1, 700 Klaksvík, Faroe Islands

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